Hi, I’m Liam and I’m a photographer based in the UK. I started working professionally as a photographer in 2006 when I set up York Place Studios with my sister Dominique. Since then I’ve been documenting life with my camera all over the world.

My interest as a photographer is focused on capturing my emotional response to the uniqueness of an individual and how they interact with the world to achieve a genuine moment.

I approach my wedding work in the same way as my street photography: as unobtrusively as possible, capturing authentic moments that transport you to that place and time. I don’t stage or manipulate anything, I just try and observe life as it happens in front of me.

For me, the magic of photography is in the pursuit of capturing something fleeting and impossible to recreate; an unending procession of opportunities for reward, only ever a fraction of a second away from that perfect moment.

Watching, listening, with a whole lot of patience and a smile I hope to take images that are fresh, memorable and reflect how I make sense of the world in front of me.